Novels here – Welcome all – even Uber drivers and other ride share pros.

Bill on his knees begging youto buy his novels.

Photo of Bill on his knees, begging you to buy his novels.

This site lets you preview Stealing Ali and the Hunter Trilogy. Click on the tabs, at the top of this page, to visit Bill’s  essays and other projects. Click  on the images below to link to William Serle’s Amazon page.

It’s easy to preview and buy the eBooks and paperbacks. Use Kindle or Nook apps. Free shorter stories now available on Bill’s BlogBill’s Journey and Edna’s Love Letters are also free. 

I have just published Chiming of Forgotten Bells, a collection of essays with chapters on my Philosophy of Hope, Opinions, Outlandish Economic,Influential people, and more. Tap on the cover to connect to Amazon and Kindle.

Uber Chronicles is an intimate look at the business of being an Uber driver. It reveals the lives of both passengers and drivers.


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