Ever-changing Light

Evening sun aglistens on

The Spanish moss clad oaks,

Their black trunks agnarling

To Frame the golden hour

Before old Sun sets so red.

It’s time to sit and ponder

About fortunes allotted

To this denizen of the world.

Hark Now – not to rhyme ain’t no crime

But not to reason is mindly treason.

As temps rise from cool to warm

Light changes from soft to sharp

Whilst the day passes on by.

Mornings are seen through misty air

Still much laden with midnight’s dew.

Evening’s air is dry and clear.

Yes. Quiet time, this end of day.

Birds asettling, a time to ease.

Could my mind rest so well

As news pundits tell

Of dastardly enemies

Plotting harm to our well-favored land.

Mindset moves from ‘do’ to ‘done’ as old

Age bring clarity to my mind.

Life’s temperature changes while

Old Time marinates experiences.

Another day in the bank

To be savored with interest.

Some are good – some worrisome.

I thank the power for

Her bounteous gifts of

Time and consciousness.

Tomorrow – who knows? Next week – too far!

Next year. Nevermore.

A million or a billion

Out of mind and reach. Evermore.


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