This book has a working title of my book Gammy.

“Gammy” was our name for my Annie Selover Abrames Conover, my maternal grandmother. B 1865, D 1958. She bore 5 children including my mother Edna

GAMMY in 1932.

GAMMY in 1932.

Ketchum Conover Serle who was born in 1905 (or 06) and passed away at the age of 52. Touch the Edna tab for a look at her biogaphy.

Annie lived an interesting life and owned a rooming house for many years after her husbands death. She created a lovely Recipe, Diary, Philosopy, Humor and Household Tips, book which I am digitalizing as a means of sharing it with her many descendants.

Tap the links below to see the work as it is developing:




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