Dreams I Let go, illegal immigration, and Anchor Babies in the U. S. A.

RE: Dreams I let go,  illegal immigration, and Anchor Babies in the U. S. A.

Date: The Twenty First Century

Dear Americans,

I was born on the 4th of July 1776, after a longish gestation. I became the U. S. A.

I dreamed of a peaceful prosperity with fair taxation and representative government, for and by the people. Free, white, male landowners that is. But I was born in revolutionary war and endured many other wars since. They burned our capital and we burned theirs. They killed our people and we killed their people.

We had to let go on slavery and a black man is now president of the United States, and we follow his lead. Now, even women and other city-dwelling riffraff are allowed to vote.

We hated the Irish when they landed in droves. We regarded them as an ignorant servant class with no right to hope for better. Then we elected their son John as president to lead us through turbulence.

The Poles, the Germans, the Japs, the Swedes all took a turn as an underclass.

Now it is the Mexicans’ turn. Those wretched, illegal immigrants sent here by their government to rob and rape. There are 12 million of them and many solutions are offered to solve the problem. The one I like is – “WAIT A MINUTE. WHAT WOULD JESUS DO.”

He might say something like, “Let’s regard them as a human resource. If we allow them to work under our Social Security System, they will help do our country’s work and help fund retirement for everyone.”

I say, if we use our resources to help migrants rather than hound them, we will be more kindly regarded by history, when we elect the son of an illegal as president.

Human migration, including illegal immigration, has been a part of mankind’s experience since time dawned. Conditions become unbearable and survival instinct takes over. “Run Forrest Run!” is the rallying cry. The best and the brightest are the first to flee, followed by people with a high degree of motivation to do better. Trapped laggards might perish in droughts, floods or tyranny.

Let’s not imitate the solutions we see in Europe and the middle east where illegals are being herded into camps. Let’s use our wonderful, unmatched resources to help other home countries become better places to live and work. Let’s take the highest road possible.

We must let go of the dream of a pure America and embrace the diversity of humanity’s cultural, religious, and social, richness as we have done so nobly in the past.


Your loving Uncle Sam

PS Don’t Forget – “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore.”

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