Chiming of Forgotten Bells

Hi all. Just finished Chiming of Forgotten Bells. It will be available at Amazon and Kindle by

September 15,

2017. Here’s the foreword:



VAIN is the chiming of forgotten bells
That the wind sways above a ruined shrine.
Vainer his voice in whom no longer dwells
Hunger that craves immortal Bread and Wine.
Light songs we breathe that perish with our breath
Out of our lips that have not kissed the rod.
They shall not live who have not tasted death.
They only sing who are struck dumb by God.

 Trees and other Poems, By Joyce Kilmer – 1914




Chiming of Forgotten Bells is intended to give readers something of value as they turn a page or two. Some of the stories may contain elements of wisdom and humor. I invite both contrary and affirmative views.

As I concluded my autobiography, Bill’s Journey, in 2011, I posed the question, “So now what? Is this curtains? Is it the last of the little stories I tell to amuse you and let you know how things went during my life?”

I find many events unfolding that beg for comment. It is now 2017 and Daisy and I have travelled around the world and met many people with differing viewpoints.

Chiming of Forgotten Bells is not a memoir, but, rather, an anthology of stories written to express ideas about economics and my “philosophy of Hope for Mankind.”

My writing friends at Martin Andersen Senior Center Writing Workshop, Scribblers of Brevard, and the Ormond Beach Senior Center Writing Class inspired many of my essays.

These three groups unloosed a flood of work that I thought would be lost, and unpublished, until the idea for this book struck me.

Perhaps you will find the ideas fun or interesting.

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