Disturbing news – Not for Sissies

Disturbing News – Not for Sissies – Ogg – What would Jesus Do?

I’m getting old. There are lots of signs including spending more time watching the TV news. That is really disturbing. The world is going to Hell if you believe the pundits. Bad news in America is exceeded by bad news the Middle East, in Africa, and on the other continents – I forget which ones. Human behavior is not always good.

Historically, sometimes, the worst behavior involved governments attacking their own people. This often happens in countries which profess to follow a religious belief, for example the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria –ISIS. I don’t hold Islam responsible since I have read the Quran it promotes mercy, hospitality, charity and good works. I don’t hold Christianity responsible for the behavior of South Africa during Apartheid, or for The United States acceptance of slavery for so many years.

Today’s news is rife with reports on the problem of undocumented aliens, police brutality and riots in the streets. Sometimes they miss the biggest story – Oh my, aren’t we lucky to live in a land where we can actually get news that is not sponsored and controlled by the government.

The news has been bad since it was first reported by Ogg, the caveman, standing on a rock and waving his arms shouting, “I THINK IT’S A VOLCANO…!”

As I said earlier, “The world is going to Hell.” I often hear people say that things are worse than ever. As bad as it is, I believe that it is not worse than the dark days of earlier times. Colonialism in Africa and the New World was awful. The Crusades and the Middle Ages were brutal. World Wars did mankind little good. Wars between Islamic states killed millions as in the Iran-Iraq during the last century. Archeological evidence tells us that people were warring before writing was in use

Still, I am an optimist and hope for better days ahead for all mankind as Facebook and cell phones become available to people every where.

I strongly believe in the separation of church and state. Yet, I often disagree with politicians as they take their positions. I wish they would pause and say, “I wonder what Jesus would do?”

We are the richest land in the history of Earth. Our government has resources unmatched in the history of man. I wonder what Jesus would do?

By the way – it’s almost Christmas. Happy Birthday Jesus.

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