Mankind is in desperate need of many things. Millions of us lack for clean water, for food, for clean air and for a decent place to live. Work is scarce in many poor countries and even in parts of the United States. Overuse use of carbon fuels is polluting the planet, yet hundreds of millions live without electricity. The list of our shortages is long.

We could talk about needing computer memory, telephone service, education, transportation, and even love. They have been in short supply for many of us.

In my lifetime, however, virtually 100% of people will have telephone service without wires and even enjoy Facebook accounts. Computer chip technology has advanced enough where most citizens of developed countries have terabytes of information in unlikely places.

Internet education is roaring down the pike. Schooling will be available and attractive even for young people remote areas where no one in the community can now read or write.

Soon enough we will be able to share autos that drive themselves – Take my car, PLEASE. I only use it for a few hours each month. It sits unused 90% of the time. You could pay for 90% of my payments and insurance.)

Smart phones are here there and everywhere. They are changing the world.

You know water is one of the most abundant substances on earth. We have oceans of it. The problem is to desalinize it and to transport it to the needy. I assert that the key to converting the oceans to create enough fresh water will be solved by technology.

Aluminum was once more precious and rare than gold. We now know that it makes up about 6% of the mass of the planet. Once we learned to process the metal, it became so plentiful that aluminum objects are often disposable. So it will be with water as technology when solves the problems.

The power of the sunlight hitting the surface of the earth is enormous. It will be converted to electric power and, when we learn to do it economically, and to store it in times of darkness, solar electric power will be available in every corner of every land. No longer will people, especially women and children, die from horrible indoor air pollution caused by burning unsuitable woods, animal waste, and trash, for heat and cooking.

We humans produce enough food to feed ourselves, yet the United Nations says that over nine hundred million people don’t have enough to eat. Difficult distribution, drought, and war interfere with delivery to the needy. Tomorrow’s vertical, hydroponic and aeroponic farms will produce food where it is needed, using far less water than traditional methods.

Animals will no longer be used for food as genetic studies are on the verge of changing everything. Cruel and wasteful methods will become vague memories in E books.

I carry a library of millions of books in my pocket now. I fly oceans in comfortable hours instead of hazardous months. I stay in touch with my boyhood friends and have Facetime with grandchildren. Soon there may be more love and a scarcity of hate.

So, you ask, how do I claim such knowledge? The answer is that I have read some very good books,* such as Abundance, the Future Is Better Than You Think, Unlimited Wealth, God Wants You To Be Rich, and Hunter III, the trilogy by William Serle. And I have lived with my eyes wide open.

I recommend that you too read the books just mentioned.

* Authors:

Peter H. Diamandis and Steven Coulter

Paul Zane Pilzer

William Serle


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